Service & Tune-up

Just like your car, your laptop needs to be serviced & MOT'd to be kept healthy & happy.


Our service & tune-up simply put, is designed to keep your computer running as it should be, free of any nasty bits, junk & running smoothly. 


We recommend that you have your computers & laptops serviced at least once a year to keep everything running happily & spot the little issues before they turn into something bigger.


Our Service includes all the below, over 65 tweaks, repairs & checks for just £50 & usually takes around 1 day to complete providing your computer decides to play nicely with us.


Our service includes;

Adware removal

Deep level malware removal

Surface level malware removal

Spyware removal

Virus removal

Unwanted programs removal

Over 40 Windows system repairs & checks

Hard drive tests

Memory tests

Corruption repairs

System file checks & repairs

Driver checks & updates performed

System advanced settings tweaks performed

Advanced configuration tweaks performed

Updates installed

Start-up item checks & tweaks performed

Hard drive space freed up, temporary & system files cleaned.

Page file settings tweaks performed

Schedule tasks checked & tweaked

Unwanted add-ons & toolbars etc. removed from browsers

Browser settings cleaned & tweaked

Hard drive defragmented/optimized

Antivirus status checks, updates & scans done.

Cooling system blew free of any dust &/or blockages

Computer/laptop physically cleaned

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Please note we are closed every day from
1pm - 2pm for lunch.

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