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When we carry out repairs we don’t believe in letting a computer return to you if we wouldn’t be 100% happy to use it ourselves on a daily basis. None of us are salesmen, our job isn’t to try and sell you something as soon as you walk in the door.


Were technicians - that means it's our job to help, our job to give you back a computer that isn’t just “working” but a computer that is happily working and happily useable.

We offer free diagnostics, that means you don’t pay a penny to find out what is wrong with your computer or how much it will cost to repair it. There may be occasions where we have to do a “fix to quote job”, this is because unfortunately sometimes the only way to figure out what's wrong with your computer is fix the issue - if this is the case & we fix the issue then the cost will never be more than £20.00 unless we have various options and have discussed them all with you - we always explain this when you drop the PC off.

We repair laptops, desktop PCs of all brands including custom built desktops & Apple Macs. There's no hidden charges. If you don’t want to go ahead with the repair, that then that's fine we can happily try and give you a rough idea of the issue and cost first.


If you receive a quote from us and you don’t want to have the repair done for any reason that's no problem! You won’t have to pay a thing, just collect your computer at your convince.

As well as repairs we also offer free impartial advice, no matter what the issue we're always happy to help. We also offer sales services for products such as New laptops, custom built desktops & peripherals. We don’t have much stock in our shop as were only small however we do have things such as cables, mice & keyboard - if we don’t have it in stock we are more than happy to order it in for you.

When you buy a laptop or desktop computer from us your not just getting the product, your getting support as well. We do everything we can to help our customers with their purchases whether it be advice, setting up the device so all you have to do is press the “On” button or simply helping carry it to your car.



We are a small computer shop in Sheringham, Norfolk.

Our mission is simple, provide businesses and the public with high-quality repairs & products while offering excellent customer service at an affordable price.


At JS Computing Services we believe that the most important thing is our customers. We keep our standard as high as possible on repairs while offering the best customer service we can & we don’t believe you should have to pay through the roof to get that quality.


Visit us instore at 
24 New Road Sheringham, 
NR26 8EB
01263 825338

Our  opening hours

          Monday:     10am - 5pm
          Tuesday:     10am - 5pm

          Wednesday: Closed
          Thursday:    10am - 5pm
          Friday:        10am - 5pm
          Saturday:    10am - 5pm
          Sunday:       Closed.


Please note we are closed every day from
1pm - 2pm for lunch.

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